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6:35pm on Wednesday, 31st August, 2011:

Lost Recordings


After the tidal wave of tidying up the house that my wife inflicted on us over the weekend (which fortunately only lapped at the shores of my office), we found we had some old videotapes that we didn't know what was on them. Nowadays we record things on a hard drive, but one of the devices plugged into our TV is supposed to be able to play tapes as well as DVDs; sadly, none of us know how to get its output to appear on the screen, though (it's entirely possible it's broken).

So, today I took the tapes to my mother so she could play them on her player. Videotapes are new technology as far as she's concerned, but I'd set her TV up to play tapes when I installed it so I knew there was a fair chance it would work.

Here's what was on the tapes:
DAN: Ice skating.
MURRAY: Heroes.
PENELOPE: Ice skating.
PINKY: Ivanhoe.
TILLY: Football; The X Files.

They're now all in the bin.

Yes, we did used to give our tapes names.

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