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3:58pm on Tuesday, 26th July, 2011:

Stutt Stats


There are lots of statues and monuments in Stuttgart, presumably so people have something to throw rocks at when they can't find a shop open on Sunday. Here are just a few of the ones I saw:

I've no idea what this is supposed to be, so I guess that makes it art:

This is the same kind of thing but in colour:

Yes, your bum does look big in that:

This statue is part of a fountain:

You don't really get a good idea of it at that size, so here's a close-up of the face:

That is a statue that is not happy with its job...

I think this is of a king and queen:

There's another piece a bit further ahead, but it had a motorbike leaning up against it, the menacing owner of which was glaring at me.


Well, there could be more than one if the others are more effective.

These two guys are mooching about doing nothing very much:

I think they're out of the latest episode of Torchwood or something.

The first time I came across this fountain statue woman, there was a bunch of tramps hanging around next to her drinking oh let's say health tonics from lager cans:

When I came back later, they were sitting on the floor outside the church begging for alms from the people who were coming out after morning worship. It's economics in action.

I stood in front of this thing about to take a photo when suddenly a young girl got off her scooter and started to climb it:

No sooner had she got off when a young boy ran up and started to climb it, too. Yet under German law, if I'd thrown a brick at them, I'd have been the guilty one!


I don't know what they're supposed to represent, but normally when you see abstract things like this it means a whole lot of dead people are involved somewhere along the line.

In one of the parks is some kind of camp. I think it's probably political in nature because they've tied ribbons to all the trees and they play loud music inside tepees. Anyway, they used one of the statues to hang a sign off:

For those of you who speak German and are itching to know what the sign says, here it is enlarged:

Apparently, it's the motto of the guy who founded Tübingen University. Right on!

This is pretty impressive:

It must be fairly new, because it's not covered in grafitti.

Finally, this was in the middle of the section of the town square where the German petanque championships or something were taking place:

I think it's called "Woman who tried to buy clothes on a Sunday".

It's OK, I'll spare you the photos I took of the various fountains I came across...

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