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4:40pm on Sunday, 24th July, 2011:

Sunday in Stuttgart


Checking-out time for the hotel was 10am today, because it normally isn't open on Sunday and wanted to revert to its default status. My flight home isn't until 7:20pm. I therefore had several hours today to pass in Stuttgart.

Great! That means I can buy some stuff! Then my kids won't be all disappointed, which they would be if I came home stuffless.

Because Hohenheim University is on a campus, today is the first time I've been anywhere near any shops during my stay. There are lots of shops in Stuttgart — wide streets packed with department stores, smaller alleys and passages with individual boutiques — but I found out that they all have one thing in common: they shut on Sunday. Outside the railway station, every shop in Stuttgart is shut (for all definitions of "shop"). Bars, restaurants, cafés and cultural buildings such as museums were open, but if you want something you can't eat, drink or look at, your're out of luck.

I wandered around for several hours (I'll maybe show you some pics in a later post). Stuttgart looks to be a pretty good city, it's just that on Sunday it's essentially closed. I was intending to stay in the centre until about 4:30, but in the end I gave up and left for the airport two hours earlier. I was unable to buy a single piece of stuff, and the airport wasn't a great deal of help either. It did have open shops, but their stuff was too expensive.

I expect there'll be repercussions when I get home and my daughters find I've not brought them any stuff...

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