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7:52am on Wednesday, 22nd June, 2011:

Olympic Football


Apparently, a deal has been struck to allow a football team representing Great Britain to enter the 2012 Olympics. Unfortunately, it's not a deal that has pleased the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish Football Associations. The basis of their argument is that if there's a UK national team then that could lead to calls for a unified UKFA on international committees, which would mean they would lose their voice on some important committees (in particular, the one that decides on the rules of the game, which the four home nations sit on by virtue of football's having been invented here).

I've long wondered why the UK didn't enter a football team in the Olympics by rotating between the various national sides. England could represent the UK one year, Scotland another, Wales another, Northern Ireland another, then four Olympics later it would be back to England (or whichever team went first).

Hey, it works for Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest!

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