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4:43pm on Wednesday, 21st September, 2011:

Nice Try


I went to London today to meet a friend of a friend (literally: we have a friend in common who insisted that we must meet one another, so ordered us to set up a meeting. It was like a blind date...). At Colchester station there was a long queue for train tickets on account of how one guy was attempting to persuade the office to give him a ticket for free. His argument was that he'd bought a return ticket but that the ticket collector had taken the wrong part — the part meant for the return journey rather than the one for the outward journey. As a result, he still had the outward ticket but didn't have the return ticket. He demanded that he be given the return ticket he'd bought.

It all would have sounded a lot more reasonable had he not, at 10 in the morning, been drunk.

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