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5:11pm on Thursday, 21st July, 2011:

Unasked Questions


At some conferences, I sit in the audience through all the presentations and never ask a question, yet at others, I ask more questions than anyone else. This conference is one of the latter.

Here are some of the questions I didn't ask, on the basis of not wanting to appear to be as rude/facetious as I really am (in no particular order):

Hmm, actually I could probably ask those questions at pretty well every academic conference I go to in this area...

My own talk went better than I expected. Fortunately for me, the conference organiser (Thorsten Quandt), who has some very high-quality data about online gamers in Germany, spoke after I did. If he'd spoken before me, I would have appeared rather lightweight in comparison. I had a narrow escape there, I think...

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