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6:07pm on Sunday, 20th November, 2011:

Westfield Stratford


Today, we went to the new(ish) Westfield mall at Stratford, next to the Olympic park. Because of perpetual engineering works that decree all trains in the UK are replaced by buses at the weekend, I decided to drive there. It's about 50 miles away, so took me 90 minutes to drive there (through the fog, not that this made any difference).

We were there for 4½hrs, for all but ½hr of which I was standing outside assorted shops while my wife and daughters appraised the goods on offer and occasionally bought something. The ½hr I got to site down was lunch (at Harry Ramsden's, so at least I got to feast on their divine fishcakes).

It was a thoroughly boring experience. I'd actually rather have been at home marking CE217 assignments, it was that boring. Still, at least I've seen the largest shopping mall in Europe now, which I guess makes it worth the trip even if it does look like every other shopping mall in Europe.

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