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3:43pm on Monday, 19th September, 2011:



On the way back from Colchester just now, I dropped into Asda to buy a few odds and ends. I lined my car up to reverse into a space, but I spotted this guy coming the other way and wasn't sure whether he was going to walk into the space or in front of my car, so I stopped.

Well, he did neither. He was texting on his mobile phone so intently that he didn't notice my car and walked right into it. He looked up with the astonishment of someone who has just seen a magic trick that they can't figure out how it works. Then, he walked into the space so I had to wait until he'd gone before I could complete my manoeuvre.

When people can't even walk while using a mobile phone, you can see why there are laws against using them while driving.

Scarily, only the other day I was telling someone about the time I was run into by an old woman in a disability scooter....

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