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4:59pm on Friday, 17th June, 2011:

Common Discourtesy


I got a bulk order of prescriptions for statins today (the pills I take evey day to stop cake from killing me) so went to the local pharmacy to hand them over. When I got there, there was a young man coming out so I held the door open for him. He stopped, surprised, as a woman behind me (whom I hadn't seen) breezed past me into the shop. I let the man out, then went in and joined the queue — behind the woman who had just come in.

When it came to leave, she was at the door chatting with a friend. She had her hand on the door handle, but was looking away from it. I approached, but she didn't move her hand. I stopped next to the door but she kept talking to her friend. I said, "Can I get out please?" and she looked at me as if I were queue-jumping. Rather than open the door for me, she took her hand off the handle. I had to open it myself and squeeze through past her. When I was getting into the car, I saw she'd put her hand on the handle again. Another woman was getting out of her car, but I didn't hang around to see how she got inside.

I was going to blog about how my doctor's signature looks like a two-period sine wave despite the fact he has a five-syllable surname, but I was too mad at Rude Pharmacy Woman to string together anything coherent except a rant.

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