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8:41pm on Thursday, 15th December, 2011:



I've emptied my phone of some photos I took over the past few weeks. Here are the ones that are just about in focus.

One of these two guys is lying:

You know when a bandwagon is really over when Essex University jumps on it:

I wonder if this copper pipe feeding the urinal next to the large common room has ever been cleaned in its 50 years of existence?

The way our system of "schools" works at Essex University, there are some strange bedfellows:

We have maps all over the place at the university, so people can find their way around. This one that has my office on it is a little out of date:

It still includes the open shop (where the teleprinters were), the downstairs machine room (where the punched card reader was) and the office I had when I did my PhD (now part of a lab after it and Albert Yeap's office next door were knocked in).

This sign was on a wall in London:

I guess other illegal activities are prohibited less strictly...

Finally, on the way to work earlier this week I stopped at North Station roundabout so as no to encroach onto the box of yellow cross-hatched lines. This was the cue for the line of traffic waiting to join the roundabout from the road to my left to, well, see for yourself:

I think I'll get a smartphone for my birthday next month so I can get the photos off it a little more easily than the transfer-to-memory-card-then-put-memory-card-in-bigger-card-then-put-bigger-card-in-card-reader approach I have to adopt at the moment.

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