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1:14pm on Saturday, 15th October, 2011:

An Odd Pack


I bought an incomplete pack of cards off eBay the other day. I knew it was incomplete, because the description said so: there were only 41 cards, plus a joker that I could tell was from a completely different pack. The seller noticed the joker was wrong a bit later and got in touch to ask if I was OK with it, which I was, so that was fine.

Today, the pack arrived. Hmm. I knew it was missing 11 cards, but I wasn't expecting it to be missing the entire suit of Hearts. The Queen of and Ace of Clubs and the 4 of Spades were also missing. However, it did have two copies each of the Ace, 3, 4, 7 and 9 of Diamonds.

I always wonder when I get packs of cards like this what their history is. How can someone end up with an historical set of Piatnik playing cards that's down an entire suit but has multiple examples of cards from another suit? There must have been two packs with identical backs involved at some point, but this isn't a double pack that has lost a few cards, it's a single pack that's gained a few and lost over a quarter.

Bah, card collectors, they're crazy people.

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