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8:04pm on Friday, 14th October, 2011:

Pizza for Tea


Last time we went out for a pizza we got this sealed envelope that guaranteed us a prize if we took it to a Pizza Hut in October and one of the servers opened it. So, today we fancied a pizza for tea so we took the envelope with us and went to Pizza Hut. The nearest Pizza Hut had a 25-minute wait for a seat, so we went to the next-nearest Pizza Hut. That only had a 10-minute wait.

Here's the order in which the waitress brought us our stuff:

  1. Salad bowls and some of the drinks. These arrived about 15 minutes after we ordered, and came together. There were only some drinks, because they'd run out of Orange & Passionfruit J2O.
  2. The drinks to replace the missing J2Os. These arrived after I'd got my salad, but before I started eating it.
  3. Cutlery. This came 5 minutes after I pointed out I needed cutlery to eat my salad.
  4. Pizzas. Two of the three deep pans we ordered arrived.
  5. Minus pizzas. Another waitress took our pizzas away before we could start eating them.
  6. Pizzas. The waitress brought us our pizzas back after a 5-minute delay blamed on "the computer crashed".
  7. The other pizza.
  8. Pizza plates. No, actually we didn't want to eat with our fingers out of the deep pan, thank you.
  9. Garlic bread. This starter came after we had finished our pizzas.
  10. Potato wedges. This other starter came moments after the garlic bread.
  11. The cookie-dough dessert we had won as our guaranteed prize in the envelope.
  12. The bill. It included 15p for "donate a cup of rice". Fair enough — that's just 15p less that the waitress got as a tip when I rounded up the total.

Overall, we spent an hour and a half in that Pizza Hut. Maybe next time we'll wait the 25 minutes for a seat in the closer one.

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