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5:04pm on Wednesday, 14th September, 2011:



I was given a tour of the Gotland Museum today, just me and my host (Anne Duse) and the expert. It was quite interesting, especially given the relatively small size of the island and it's relatively large history.

One of the things I knew about Visby before coming here concerns its churches. I was under the impression that they were burned down by German merchants in 1525. However, reading the notes for tourists outside the ruins, they all say that the churches were abandoned during the reformation. That seemed a rather indirect way of describing acts of arson, so I asked the expert at the museum what the full story was. Not only did she say the churches had not been burned down (only one shows any evidence of having been burned ever), but she hadn't even heard the story about their having been burned down.

So, one of the reasons I originally wanted to come to Visby is, it transpires, either untrue or shrouded by some major conspiracy of silence.

Oh well. Now I'm here I'm glad I came, anyway. It's an interesting place.

I'd show you some stuff from the museum but it would involve loading photos onto my laptop and I have less than an hour's worth of charge left. It'll keep...

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