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2:58pm on Sunday, 14th August, 2011:

Salzburg Wrap-Up


Here are the last few photos I have from Salzburg that are marginally bloggable. Most are signs.

Revolutionary ice-cream:

Please kill your dog then scoop up its heart:

No camping! No chopping off hands! No trees, cars or rivers! No caravans! No privacy!

Top Hair:

As opposed to what, bottom hair?

Armed guards patrol this crossing:

Why call yourself Teddytex if your logo is of a tiger?

Who wants a Willy Supper?

Look in the doorway and you'll see:

Yes, David, we can tell you are...

Speaking of which, this mannequin seems well-equipped:

Isn't this, you know, illegal?

What dress did men wear in Mozart's time?

Hmm, looks like they wore the dress kind of dress.

When it comes out of both ends, you know you're in trouble...

I always wondered where those backpackers on the London Underground bought their house-sized backpacks:

Finally, here I am eating an ice cream with a man's head on it:

And that's Salzburg.

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