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7:03pm on Tuesday, 13th September, 2011:

A Night In


Spurred on by the fact that the TV has stopped picking up BBC World and I'd otherwise be reduced to watching the Swedish version of Come Dine with Me (along with the same sarcastic commentary) I decided to go out and eat at one of Visby's many restaurants. I wasn't all that hungry, having had like three breakfasts for breakfast plus a large lunch, but having to ration my laptop usage was the deciding factor.

I had a lot of restaurants to choose from: Italian, Spanish, Mexican, Greek, Chinese — oh, and Swedish. I dismissed the non-Swedish ones on the basis that you don't get Swedish cuisine outside of Sweden so I ought to eat it while here. Also, everywhere I've eaten so far has had really good food (especially the meat) (well, except the chicken, but only because I don't like chicken).

A quick look at the prices, however, had me returning to me hotel and devouring the 125g bar of Galaxy I brought with me from England. Not being able to make head nor tail of the menu might have had something to do with it, too.

Oh gawd, Swedish Idol is on TV now. I'm in major trouble. Thre bearded bald blokes and a blonde woman.

Still, chocolate: mmm...

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