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11:51am on Saturday, 12th November, 2011:

Technical, Yes


Well, AmEx seems to be continuing its push for QBlog coverage by exhibiting bloggable behaviour. This dropped through my letterbox this morning:

So, it's like this. They offered their top, top Cardmembers a special 12-month promotional rate and asked people to register. However, if you did register then "unfortunately, a technical issue resulted in your confirmation not being properly registered". They're therefore asking us to re-register online. Oh, and hey, look, the o's have ribbons on them for that festive feel, so it's all good!

Yeah, right. It wouldn't be that they're blaming a made-up "technical fault" to try and encourage a bigger take-up of their offer, nope, no sirree. Those darned technical people, they screw up the whole time.

I sometimes wonder about the advertising departments of these companies. Suppose I buy their explanation as to why they're making this offer. Do they really think that I'd find their admission of having had a technical fault in any way encouraging? They're a financial institution! If they can't even get a simple registration process to work, what does that suggest about their ability to manage complicated credit card processes?

Also, if they used some of their technical know-how to check the usage of their top, top Cardmembers' accounts, they'd discover that the reason I didn't register was because I pay off the bill every month so I don't actually care what the interest rate is.

That should be "resulted in your confirmation's not being properly registered", too.

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