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10:24am on Saturday, 12th March, 2011:



The arrival at Heathrow was weird. When the seat belt light went off, only about a quarter of the occupants of the flight stood up. The rest were waiting for something, but I don't know what because I was asleep until the seat belt light went off. One of the people who got off before me suddenly turned round and returned, and someone else said to their companion, "He obviously didn't listen to the announcemnents". Ooer!

I wasn't asked for my passport at all, I just swanned into Terminal 1. Given that it was only by chance that the people in Eire looked at my passport (and they didn't look at the passports of 100 American students), this doesn't sound quite right. Oh well.

On top of this, the underground was down between Paddington and Liverpool Street so I had to go Bakerloo to Oxford Circus and then Central Line from there to Liverpool Street. Nice to have confirmation that England hasn't changed while I was away...

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