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10:31pm on Thursday, 11th August, 2011:

Another Salzburg Vignette


Here are some more of the photographs I took during our stay here in Salzburg, to show you the side that the picture postcards don't.

Salzburg has its very own English shop:

Yes, you don't get more English than Guinness. They had a Brazil football shirt for sale, too.

These two people are in Austrian national dress, or at least the Alpine version:

There were many, many people in this kind of outfit. Sure, some of them were working in the tourist industry and in shops and so on, but others were walking to concerts or dining out or attending weddings. It seems to be formal attire, a bit like the jacket and kilt in Scotland.

This is basically a ball-and-chain device to stop prisoners from running away. I guess it's for prisoners who were guilty of gambling:

It's not quite what it seems, though, because, well, look:

The 2 should be opposite the 5; this would irritate any serious dice user beyond all reason. The device isn't therefore simply a restraint — it's an instrument of torture!

The old and the new:

Different ways of tagging the same wall...

Some refurbishment work on a hotel had a large screen round it with images on to show what it will look like when completed. They were life size, and included this:

Here are a couple of close-ups:
It's like the illegitimate offspring of Second Life and The Sims...

For only 100 euros, you too can own...

...four goose-stepping teddy bears.

From the side of a tour bus:

The hills are alive...

...with the sound of sneezing.

An advertisement for a gallery:

Artists — they're such jokers!

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