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9:52pm on Wednesday, 11th May, 2011:

New Hardware


I got an iPad 2 today.

I was given it by a friend of mine from Norway; he rather likes them. The instructions were in Norwegian, but were basically how to turn it on and off. I had a cable that fitted the Norwegian electrical adapator, so I plugged it in.

This is what I saw:

OK, so it wanted me to connect it to iTunes. I already have iTunes on my PC because I have an iPod, so I hooked it up. This is the message it gave me:

Hmm. Now that was a surprise, because I already had 64-bit iTunes installed. Still, no matter, it's just a tedious download of the installer and there we are.

I installed it, and got the same message.

I'd definitely used the right installer. This is me clicking it:

I uninstalled it again, reinstalled it again, and got the same result: it wouldn't work without the right version of iTunes.

Each of these installs involved a reboot of my PC, by the way, which is not an activity calculated to raise my opinion of Apple software.

So, I manually uninstalled iTunes then reinstalled it: same result.

I checked out the advice on the Apple web site. There, I found the solution: I had to uninstall five programs in a set order, then reboot my PC, and then reinstall iTunes. Oh, and Quicktime, with which it has some strange, symbiotic relationship.

This actually worked, and I was finally able to see something other than an animation of a USB cable.

So far, from the little play with it I had before inadvisedly clicking the "Update" button that's left me with a 64-minute download, it seems to be quite handy. I don't like the way that some programs won't close once I've run them (they hang around in the background) and although the touchscreen interface is pretty intuitive it's going to take considerable strength of will on my part to persevere with the greasiness that touching screens brings with it. I've set it up so I can send and receive email (not that I plan on doing that, given that I receive a thousand spam emails a day and there doesn't seem to be a built-in smap-nuking system). Also, I've nearly dropped it three times and keep pressing hidden buttons on the sides when I pick it up.

I've no idea what I'm going to do with it yet. I expect I'll hit the game store and see if I can find a version of Subbuteo for it first.

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