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12:57pm on Friday, 11th March, 2011:

First Time


We went to a seafood restaurant last night.

I don't actually like seafood, and never have; like fish in general, it all tastes the same to me, and it's a taste I don't like. However, this restaurant didn't only serve seafood (I had a steak — and it was a damned good one!) so I was fine.

We started with a bunch of samplers, though, and these were all seafood. Given that this was a classy seafood restaurant, I figured that I'd try some of the things out on the basis that I'd never had them before (because they were seafood) but maybe I'd over-generalised. So I tried them.

First up was crab cakes. I can actually eat most fish cakes, because they don't tend to have a lot of fish in them (it's only the good fish cakes I can't eat, as they taste of fish). I tried the crab cakes and, well, I could taste the seafood taste. It wasn't all that strong, though, and at a pinch I could have eaten a couple and pretended I liked them.

Next up was lobster. This was quite mild, and a lot more elastic in texture than I was expected. It still tasted of seafood, though, and I don't think I'll be having any of that again in a hurry even if it is expensive stuff.

Finally, I had an oyster. Colchester is a major centre for oysters, so it may come as a surprise that I've never had one before. They're seafood, though, and they look like they've just been coughed up, so I haven't had one before. This time, I determined I would eat one. The instructions I was given were to squeeze some lemon on it, then pop it into my mouth and swallow it whole. This I did. I have no idea what it tasted like, it went straight down. The only flavour I got was the lemon. I could feel the oyster sitting my my stomach for the next 20 minutes, but I didn't taste it. I get the feeling that had I bit into it instead of swallowing it, my experience might have been different.

I can therefore confirm that my dislike of seafood is not unfounded, but that I could nevertheless eat oysters indefinitely so long as I have some lemon to coat them with for when they go down.

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