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5:03pm on Thursday, 10th March, 2011:



I gave my keynote at MIT BiG this morning. It was a mixed audience (game designers, entrepreneurs, everything in between), which is always tricky; it's easy to speak to one group, but hard to speak to all of them. I was given as a topic the subject "the five game design mistakes everyone makes", so necessarily had to speak as a designer; I tried to widen what I said to be applicable to other groups, but am not persuaded I did particularly well in that regard. Worse, I may have lowered the relevance to game designers by trying to engage the non-designers. Still, it could have been a lot worse, and although this is a Business in Games conference there are a lot of people here who are actually interested in games and not just the business of games.

Other than my keynote, though, this is an invigorating conference. There are some really interesting and smart people here with great insights. So far I've had fun conversations with old-timers I've known for decades (eg. Eric Goldberg), old-timers I've met before but haven't had a chance to converse in depth with before (eg. Darius Kazemi), old-timers I haven't met before but wish I had done (eg. Christopher Weaver, Nik Davidson), and new-timers whom I hope to meet again (eg. Caroline Himmelman).

Ooh, Greg Boyd's panel is about to start, I'd better stop so I can listen...

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