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6:01pm on Monday, 8th August, 2011:

A Wet Day


It rained all day again today. This time, I do have evidence:

In the afternoon, we went to Hellsbrunn, which is a palace built by an archbishop 400 or so years ago. Its main features are its fountains. It's never ideal to go to somewhere famous for its fountains when it's raining, but these weren't actually all that bad because they were trick fountains. Basically, the archbishop had rigged up his palace to shoot jets of water out of unexpected places — holes in the floor, holes in the walls, statues and regular fountains. What this means is that when the guide stops you to see something, you are in danger of a soaking. As we were all pretty wet anyway from the driving rain, this didn't actually make much of a difference, and by the end it was quite enjoyable.

Some of the trick fountains (as they're called) were easier to spot than others. I was fair sure it wasn't a good idea to stand close to this deer head, for example:

The only place I really got caught was with some jets coming up from the ground: I had my umbrella up and although I avoided the jets directly they hit the underside of my brolly and got me indirectly.

I think it would probably be better on a sunny day than a rainy one, but it was still fun trying to guess where you were going to get zapped from. Although I probably wouldn't want to go back to yesterday's ice cave if I were ever in Salzburg again, I'd go back to Hellsbrunn.

The forecast for tomorrow is "light rain shower", which sounds as if there should be some respite between the rain. Unfortunately, that's what the weather forecast was for today, too...

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