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8:29am on Tuesday, 8th February, 2011:

Hidden for Years


The reason we had workmen coming round yesterday is because all this week we're having a new kitchen fitted.

My wife has been planning on a new kitchen for years. She does this: she spends literally years considering a project before making her mind up. However, once she does make her mind up, things move at lightning speed. Two weeks ago, I had no idea we were even getting a new kitchen, let alone that it would be installed this week.

The men (there were two of them) came in yesterday to remove the old kitchen. They've done a pretty good job of it, too, and are very neat and tidy with their work. One consequence of removing the cupboards that have been there since we moved in here is that we get to see what was on the walls behind them.

It's not a pretty sight:

The workmen were actually quite pleased, though: apparently there's a blue one with plant pots on it that they keep coming across which is absolutely vile.

Today, we're taking delivery of the new kitchen units to be installed. So that the delivery truck can find us, we have to dangle an orange balloon outside the house. I believe the company, Wickes, always uses orange balloons as some kind of corporate branding scheme. I bet that goes down well in Northern Ireland...

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