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12:06pm on Friday, 7th January, 2011:

Crown the Queen


Another one of those random card games of yore that I got as part of a job lot is Crown the Queen, "invented by Elaine Burton, Member of Parliament".

The box says "rules enclosed", but in my case they aren't; however, they are on the Museum of Childhood site, and include the suggestion: "The game is more realistic if all players cheer as a card is played, louder and louder nearing the end of the procession."

What, even more realistic than it is already?

Actually, the rules aren't actually all that bad, given they were constructed by the future Baroness Burton of Coventry, although it does look susceptible to deadlock if players decide they can't win. Maybe if, when you laid a card, you didn't get to pick up another one, that would make a difference (as players wouldn't be able to hoard cards needed by others).

Maybe I should mock up some sets to give to future students to see if they can come up with better rules as an exercise? Hmm, it would be just my luck if The Queen dropped dead the day before I was intending to run it, though...

Still, on the bright side, I'm sure that if The Queen did decide to cop her clogs, Waddingtons have the presses ready to roll so we can all play Crown the King, cheering louder and louder nearing the end of the procession.

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