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4:35pm on Tuesday, 6th December, 2011:

Increased Visibility


Extract from an email to all academics from the Chair of Research and Teaching Methods Taskforce, Essex University, yesterday:

New CER service to increase visibility of our research in web searches - Wikipedia profiles
In recent years, Wikipedia has become more reliable and tends to appear close to the top of Google searches for individuals and topics (there was a time when we all scoffed about Wikipedia, but perhaps not so much now).
In order to increase impact and help in branding our University of Essex research and academics, we thought it might be helpful to offer a central service to increase our presence on both Wikipedia and in search engine outcomes.
The aim would be to create profiles on i) individuals and on ii) research topics/areas.
CER will shortly offer a service to take prepared materials and upload them to Wikipedia, and also to manage the materials once online.

Extract from follow-up email sent today:

We now understand there would be problems if we uploaded information about the University from a University e-mail account as it would be blocked due to a 'conflict of interest' and be in contravention of Wikipedia terms and conditions.

It's slightly sad to learn that there are high-ranking university committees staffed by people so out of touch with the modern world that they ever thought this was going to work.

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