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5:08pm on Saturday, 6th August, 2011:

My Fame Spreads


Today, we went to the castle at the top of the main hill in Salzburg, with panoramic views across the city. Sigh. I guess you want evidence of this...

For once, I remembered to take my binoculars! However, I did what I always do when I remember to bring my binoculars — I forget to look through them. Oh well, it wasn't as if I lugged them around in my bag all day or anything.

We went to the Mirabell Gardens in the afternoon. This is where some of the set pieces from The Sound of Music were filmed, including the famous (as our guide book puts it) Do a Deer, a Female Deer. The gardens are quite pretty and well-manicured. Sigh. I guess you want evidence of this, too...

Anyway, outside the Mirabell Gardens was this:

Now, the Austrians are naming buses after me. My fame spreads.

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