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9:38pm on Friday, 5th August, 2011:

This is Austria


Our experience at Salzburg airport was a lot better than in Rome last year. The luggage came really quickly and we were out of the airport within 20 minutes of landing.

Rather than a minibus, this time we took a taxi to central Salzburg. It was faster and less expensive for the four of us combined, and safer in that the driver didn't sing along to songs while not looking at the road. However, safer doesn't mean it was safe.

At one point, the driver's mobile phone rang and he answered it. He chatted away, driving with only one hand. This didn't actually make much difference, as he drove with only one hand anyway. If he hadn't received the phone call, I wouldn't have known his left arm wasn't paralysed. He could only change gear when going in a straight line, because it entailed taking his hand off the wheel to do it.

Still, we got here without an accident and were able to scout around after we'd checked in. So far, Salzburg is all I was hoping for — picturesque, historical and thriving. My only complaint so far is that they filmed The Sound of Music here...

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