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9:07am on Friday, 4th November, 2011:

An Election


There's an election for the position of Head of the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering. This is highly unusual: normally, someone has to have their arm twisted to stand, we don't have two people wanting to do it. This time we do. One candidate (the sitting HoS) is ex-Computer Science and the other is ex-Electronic Engineering. Voting is by secret ballot using some system run by Google.

This is what it said on the ballot:

I want to vote for the person who knows that the word there should be "whom", but neither of them mentioned the issue in their manifesto.

As for whom I did vote for, I've no idea. I entered my secret vote ID and hit return expecting to be taken to a new page to select a candidate. It turned out that candidate selection was on the same page, so my vote went to whomever's name was the default one in the selection box. Oh well.

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