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11:45am on Sunday, 4th September, 2011:



We bought a fireproof box recently, so we can store our important papers in it and in the event of a fire hope the house takes less than an hour to burn to the ground. While going through the old cardboard computer lineprinter boxes that had previously projected our documents, I came across my PhD certificate. This is what it looks like:

Essex University's certificates are as pleasing on the eye as the university's architecture. They're the least-impressive certificates I've ever seen. I have a fifth-place-in-the-Hornsea-Music-Festival certificate that looks better than this. It looks as if it was designed with the sole intention of minimising printing costs.

They say that qualifications are "just a piece of paper", but they don't have to be ugly pieces of paper. Or, indeed, pieces of paper: one of my colleagues graduated in Canada and his PhD certificate is printed on sheepskin...

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