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3:40pm on Friday, 2nd December, 2011:

Tint the Glass


I don't normally go onto campus on Fridays, but I did today to discover whether two of the final-year students whose projects I'm supervising have actually done any work on them (remarkably, it turned out they had). I arrived at about 12:15. The nearest parking meter was out of order so I went to another one, directly in front of the Sports Centre.


So as I was putting my money in, right there in front of me was a several-metres-wide glass window. Up against it, inside the Sports Centre, was an array of jogging machines. On each jogging machine was a female student, jogging. Jogging as in bounce, bounce, bounce, ...

I could see them, they could see me. They could see my trying not to look at them even though they occupied a verylarge, well-lit portion of my field of vision. I was trying not to look because if I had looked, my career would have melted away before me on charges of voyeurism. Yet it was hard to look anywhere else because they were right there in front of me. The floor above had another bunch of young women in spandex doing some kind of fitness dancing. I just had to concentrate on the ticket machine.

Please, Sports Centre, either point the jogging machines in the other direction or tint the glass.

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