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8:23am on Tuesday, 2nd August, 2011:



The draft timetable has been put out for next academic year. I have the same amount of teaching as last year, but instead of its being on two days a week it's on four days a week. This is more than somewhat annoying, as it means I can't go off for one-day meetings except on Friday. I'll need to reschedule lectures so as to be able to do things such as take my younger daughter to university visit days. It also means I won't be working for two hours each day when otherwise I might, because I'll be in transit to the university.

Last year, both my modules consisted of ten two-hour lectures. This year, they consist of twenty one-hour lectures. A two-hour lecture means two hours of teaching on the same day; two one-hour lectures can be on different days, which is what the timetabling computer has arranged.

The worst thing is that I'm going to have to try find a parking space on campus four times a week...

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