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11:08am on Monday, 2nd May, 2011:

Reports Report


I've just finished reading through 8 final-year project reports (it would have been 9 but I got an email saying I don't have to read the last one, yesterday's notes for plagiarists having apparently come too late for one of them).

Because I know you like to see the high standard of material I get to enjoy at Final Year Project time, here are some of the things I've read this time round (leaving out ones that could be used to identify the author to anyone other than the author). I hope you find them as intellectually stimulating as I did.

Type 1a: We don't Need no Stinkin' Spell-Checker!

it could be wasteful of performance or memo6ry

healthy, alive, badly injuryed, dead.

Time played after login: 0 days, 0 hours, 2 mintues, 4 seconds.

The project was teachinolgy baised which that took time, creatively and thought to go thorugh each step of the process.

There have been again three rooms but in a lineal order.

Type 1b: The Spell-Checker is Always Right

To creature such a frame, the API function "CreateFrame" is used.

Type 2: Apostrophes are Just Too Darn Complicated

Sell 1 unit's of Raw

The main aim of this project was to manage it effectively following deadlines and meeting criteria's.

Type 3: The Obvious Must be Stated

The comment //Returns a random number between 0 and n-1 inclusive summaries what the function rnd(n) and return Math.floor(Math.random()*n) means: it returns a random number between 1-10

Towers are a major part of a tower defence game

I myself, much like the other people in my peer group, cannot live a day without the technologies we have access to every single day.

Type 4: But it Makes Perfect Sense!

It was a result of me copying and pasting the code because alot of it then work was repetitive.

This could of theoretically worked, but the absence of implemented any form of concurrent modification error exception handling, or to that point a way of stopping the update from causing concurrent modification errors.

Although the deadline is coming and there is little process, a detailed target of what should be reached is a good way to make the project completed successfully.

Type 5: I'll Finish that Off Later

4.2 Project Management
For the majority of my project, I was able to
4.3 Thoughts and Experience

The two of the main reasons why this did not work the first was;

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