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4:30pm on Wednesday, 2nd March, 2011:

Random Pictures


This afternoon, I emptied my phone of the random pictures I've taken over the past while. Some were too fuzzy to be of any use, and others weren't really bloggable material. Four, however, were.

This is a sign in Colchester's Dutch Quarter:

Wide vehicles are always getting stuck there. They have to use cranes to get them out, which is tricky because cranes themselves are wide vehicles. This sign is there to stop drivers from going the wrong way. Unfortunately, it's on the side of the road where British drivers sit; continental drivers are on the left of the cab where it's not in their face in quite the same way, yet they're often the ones who get stuck...

I took this at the shoe repair sub-shop inside Sainsbury's:

The flag range for pet tags is Union Jack, England, Scotland, Wales, USA. Sorry, Northern Ireland... Strictly speaking, Union Jack should be UK, too; either that, or the other flags should be given their (in)formal names rather than their country names, too (Saltire etc.).

This is at Colchester North Station:

See how they pain yellow lines to stop cars from blocking pedestrian access to the muddy, unpaved slope leading towards the lower car park. They can afford paint, but not paving stones. Given that it costs £6.60 a day to park there, and hundreds of cars each day do just that, one might have thought that they could have splashed out a bit more.

Finally, here's what was on the wall when I arrived at my CE317 class yesterday:

Nice to know I'm not the only person who gets low attendance...

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