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3:53pm on Tuesday, 1st November, 2011:

Light Music


Remember back in August when I posted that picture of myself wearing fairy lights under my shirt? The reason for my doing so can now be revealed: I was invited to make a cameo appearance in a music video by the Australian cross-dressing rock band Mechanical Black.

Yes, really.

They were covering Together in Electric Dreams, and asked a bunch of people from the games industry who were kicking around back then to join in. I was one of them, they seemed like fun people, so I did. So did lots of other people. See if you can recognise some of the faces — there are some quite famous ones there. Even the Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone text exchange near the beginning is authentic — that really is their typing.

ProTip: if you want to put fairy lights under your shirt, go with the LED ones. The regular ones get very hot very quickly...

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