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5:19pm on Friday, 1st April, 2011:

Sunday is Mother's Day


I had quite a lot of things to do today: assignments to mark, external assignments to read, expenses to claim, two abstracts for talks to prepare, some cheques to bank...

In the end, though, I didn't do any of them. Instead, I went to Newmarket with my wife so she could visit her mother in the care home where she's spent the last 18 months following a stroke.

Normally, we'd go on Sunday. However, at about 9am we got a call from my father-in-law telling us that she probably won't last until Sunday, if indeed she lasts today. So we went to see her. I didn't go into her room myself, but my wife did and concurred with her father's assessment.

My wife's uncle (her father's brother) showed up in the morning and talked about whatever came into his head for an hour and a half, during the course of which I discovered that he and my father-in-law used to eat swan eggs when they were kids.

Times change.

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