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9:23am on Saturday, 30th October, 2010:

Ram Jam


Driving up to Yorkshire, we were looking for somewhere to eat and refuel. We drove past a number of places on the A1 that weren't suitable, or that were suitable but the entire petrol station was in pieces while engineers installed new pumps. Eventually, I was sufficiently hungry to determine to turn into the next place whatever it was. It turned out to be the Ram Jam Inn.

The Ram Jam Inn is an old coaching inn, the name of which will be familiar t0 anyone who has travelled up the A1 a few times for the mere fact that it sounds wacky. I've always wondered what it was like inside, so was quite keen to have a look.

My keenness rapidly disspiated, however, when I pulled into its car park. There was room for maybe four or five dozen cars, but there were actually only two cars parked there. Looking through the windows of the pub, not a soul was to be seen. Spooky...

...in fact too spooky. We drove on and ate at the Little Chef a couple of miles further on.

Ram Jam, no thank you, ma'am.

I wonder if they're cannibals?

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