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4:06pm on Thursday, 30th September, 2010:

Impertinent Questions


The last set of cards I thought I'd blog about from the job lot I bought recently are for a game called Impertinent Questions. It consists of a set of question cards and a set of answer cards. Here are the first four of each that I took out of the pack just now; they're fairly representative of the rest:

There aren't any rules in the box (instead there was an odd joker from some unknown other set), but fortunately the rules are on the Internet. Here is the central gameplay:

Players sit in two equal rows opposite each other. The Hostess, or person in charge then shuffles each pack separately and proceeds to deal one card from the Question Pack to each player on one side and one card from the Answer pack to each player on the opposite side. FACE DOWNWARDS. The first player on the side to whom the questions have been dealt them turns up his card and asks the player opposite the Question which is printed on the TOP of the card, the player asked then turns up his card and makes the reply printed at the TOP of his card.
Thus question:- "Have you any holes in your stockings?"
Answer:- "Yes but only on Saturday night."
Or again Q :- "Do you ever get drunk?"
A :- "Yes when I am far from home."

The cards are then turned face downwards in front of the players. This proceeds until each player has asked a question and has been answered, thus keeping the company in a continual roar of laughter. The procedure is then repeated with the questions and answers printed at the other end of the cards.

So ... there's no gameplay at all, then. You can't win, you can't lose, you have no decisions to make; it's play, for sure, but is it a game? Personally, I wouldn't call it a game, but it was sold as a game.

I wonder if it would lead to "a continual roar of laughter" today?

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