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5:29pm on Saturday, 29th May, 2010:

Late Revision


It was the EE314 examination today, so I spent the afternoon in my office at the university just in case there was a problem. As is inevitably the case, there was no problem; still, I got to do some work while I was waiting.

Before I set off, I replied to a couple of emails there were sitting in my mailbox. They were sent by two of the students taking today's exam: one was sent at 15:17 yesterday and the other was sent at 15:34. Both told me that I'd put the wrong lecture in the university's Course Material Respository — CE217 lecture 8 instead of EE314 lecture 8.

OK, so I didn't actually check my email until about 1pm today, mainly because my wife took over my PC this morning to do her weekly dithering over booking this year's holiday. As a result, I didn't upload the correct lecture's slides until an hour before the exam. Nevertheless, this doesn't alter the fact no-one even noticed it was missing until mid-afternoon on the day before the exam. When I was an undergraduate, I revised for weeks before I sat exams, and there's no way I would have waited until the day before an exam to look at the lecture notes.

Maybe today's students have so many exams over the course of their school careers that they get used to them and become complacent? If you've had "important exams" every year since you were age 10, you're probably going to treat them all exams in the same way by now.

Still, not consulting the lecture notes until 22 hours before the exam starts seems incredible to me.

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