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4:28pm on Saturday, 28th August, 2010:

Screens Shot


Damned programs that don't let you capture the screen...

Earlier, I was playing the Britannia campaign of Medieval II: Total War and one of the randomly-generated rebels characters was called Captain Kirk. I took a screenshot, killed the guy, then opened up my graphics program to crop the image to a bloggable size. Except, it was a completely blank screen.

I knew there were programs that don't respond well to screen shots on XP; movie-style ones were particularly annoying in this regard. However, I didn't know there were any in Windows 7. If I did, I might have looked at the image before killing the guy, and taken a photograph of the screen when it turned out to be all black.

Still, I should have expected some annoyances from a game that has a victory condition for the English faction of controlling 46 provinces and eliminating the Welsh faction when there are only 46 provinces in total so you have to eliminate all other factions anyway, not just the Welsh.

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