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3:01pm on Wednesday, 27th October, 2010:

Domino Effect


Colchester is currently in the grip of a Domino's Pizza advertising blitz. There are vehicles driving around towing advertising hoardings, there are men (it's always men) holding up placards next to busy roads, there are other men wearing large Domino's cardboard boxes, there's a stall in the centre of town where they're giving away Domino's helium balloons for a small donation to charity. Domino's must really be expecting results here!

Except, the message that all the signs are hammering home is that you can buy any Domino's pizza for £8.99. £8.99, as in double what a decent pizza costs in a supermarket.

I don't think their marketing has had quite the effect on me that they might have been hoping for...

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