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5:56pm on Tuesday, 27th July, 2010:

Signs of Rome


Here are some of the various signs we spotted in and around Rome last week:

This was at the airport baggage belt:

Yes, I know you can't read it, but you can at least see the Windows error pop-up telling us all it had crashed...

Both my daughters had a cold, and I thought this chemist would be open all day:

Unfortunately, it turned out this was the 24th of July...

This was the name of a chain of really rather good ice cream shops:

Blue ice, of course, is what they call blocks of frozen human waste that fall off aircraft. I don't know whether or not the chain's owners knew this when they decided on the name...

This is a flavour of ice cream which, while blue, isn't available in Blue Ice:

No, I didn't have any.

Street signs! Some are longer than the streets they name:

Some sound like characters in bad science fiction novels:

This one has a satisfying videogame connection:

Ever wanted somewhere to park your dog?

I guess there isn't a word in Italian for "parking".

Finally, some signs that use icons. This one is warning you that the stairs could be pulled away at any moment:

This one says you can't walk, you can't drink, you can't walk and throw stuff, and you can't eat and drink:

Warning! Spacewalkers:

Do not empty wheelbarrows into red chutes:

Do not drop girders on flying people:

Escaping is forbidden:

I'll upload some more pics of Rome over the course of the next few days. We took over a thousand all told, so there's plenty to choose from...

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