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6:46pm on Wednesday, 27th January, 2010:

Face Recognition


It was visit day today, and they had the robot out again.

This robot is supposed to show off the department. It has a webcam on the top, a pair of eyes that are I think supposed to express emotion, a voice to talk to you and a screen to show it's doing. It's also mobile, but fortunately today its wheels had been switched off, presumably because the organisers finally realised that it gets in the way when it wanders around.

The screen includes facial recognition software, so it knows when it has someone to talk to and can gauge their response. I got there early today, so had a chance to try it out:

That's a £5 note.

Next time The Queen shows up, the robot will remember her, recall that she didn't find its banter amusing, and consequently tell her off.

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