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6:17pm on Thursday, 25th November, 2010:

Early Start


I opened my email at home this morning at 8:50 and discovered I had to interview a student at 9:20. At that time of the morning, there are three clogged-up roundabouts between me and a clear road to the university, so I was never going to make it. I finally arrived at my office at 9:30.

Fortunately, the student had waited.

I had another student due to meet me at 9:40, but that one didn't show up. Students don't get into trouble for missing appointments, it's only lecturers that do...

Of course, if the message telling me I had a meeting had been sent a little earlier than it was (4pm yesterday) I might have seen it. I was at my younger daughter's GCSE awards evening, though, so didn't read my email until today.

These meetings, by the way, are part of a box-ticking exercise to make sure that the students have spoken to a member of staff during their first term. This is so the university is tipped off if any of them want to kill themselves. "No, I don't want to kill myself...".

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