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4:42pm on Saturday, 25th September, 2010:

Spore Clouds


I mowed the lawn this afternoon.

This is a good year for mushrooms and toadstools — I counted a dozen different varieties as I went around with the mower. Some were on old tree stumps, but others were in among the grass itself. These got mowed.

All went well until I got to a patch down near the shed. I mowed the mushrooms just like the others, but they didn't behave like the others... Instead of simply being hewn to nothingness by my mighty spinning blades, they exploded in huge clouds of spores.

Maybe I've played too many games in which mushrooms explode in clouds of spores to deleterious effect on the player character, but it didn't look good to me. I tried to avoid inhaling any of the spores, but the clouds were so large and they hung around for so long that I'm sure I must have.

I had a look on the ol' Internet so see if I could find any pictures of mushrooms that looked like the ones I mowed, but couldn't find any. They didn't look like any kind of puffball, but from their behaviour they really should have been.

Oh well, if I end up needing a kidney transplant a couple of days from now, you know why.

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