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4:49pm on Wednesday, 25th August, 2010:

Waiting a While Longer


In the mid-1990s, MUSE Ltd did some work for the games company Interplay. I was working on MUD2 with them and Roy Trubshaw was programming for Dragon Dice. Or maybe it was Spellfire. Anyway, we were on Interplay's stand at GenCon in 1995 or so when they were giving out promotional dragon dice. As a result, I have two promotional Dragonlord dice still in their packaging. They live in the top drawer of my bureau, which is hard to get into because it has a stack of books on top of it. There, they wait to be worth something.

Every once in a while, it occurs to me to see how much they sell for, in the hope that Dragon Dice's time will come again and they might rise in value above "worthless". Well, I've just taken a look on eBay and there's currently one for sale at $8.

So, they can stay in the drawer a while longer, then.

No, I'm not showing you a photograph of one — I just told you, that drawer is a pain to get into! It looks like the one on the left here...

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