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4:01pm on Thursday, 25th March, 2010:

Not Pleased


On the front page of today's Guardian was a summary of yesterday's budget. Here's what they had to say about the tax relief that the computer game indistry has been asking for for the past 3 years:

What the hell? I switched to The Guardian from The Independent because of the latter's smug, anti-technology attitudes, and now The Guardian is doing exactly the same thing! If the government had given tax breaks to the British fashion industry, would we have seen a summary saying it was to stop the exodus of self-obsessed airheads abroad? No, we wouldn't.

The Guardian would do well to remember that well over half its readership actually plays computer games. With attitudes like this, they can expect an exodus of readers to the Internet. The BBC may have its faults, but it doesn't call game developers geeks and nerds as a form of insult...

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