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8:50am on Saturday, 24th July, 2010:

Phone Use


In England, some shops have signs up asking customers not to use their mobile phones while at the till. In Italy, the people on the till themselves are often on the phone.

It's not just the till, either. Here's the guy on the security scanner we went through at the Vatican yesterday:

He isn't actually looking at the screen, it just appears that way from the angle I sneaked my photo from; also, his screen was full, it's an artefact of the photography that only a narrow band shows in the picture.

It's just as well he didn't check his screen, as it happens, as I had my Swiss Army credit card in my bag with a knife in it. I could have knifed a pope if I'd come across one, or hijacked a plane.

Unfortunately, I didn't have my binoculars in my bag, despite having brought them all the way from the UK expressly so I could look at the ceiling of the Sistine chapel with them.

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