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5:06pm on Wednesday, 24th March, 2010:

Free Eggs


If, when I was a child, someone had told me that Cadbury's Creme Eggs were going to be smaller and cost ten shillings, I would have been rather shocked. Inflation being what it is, though, this year they cost 54p each in normal shops. In Sainsbury's, they're 48p each.

Also in Sainsbury's you can buy Creme Egg Easter eggs. Sadly, these are not Creme Eggs the size of ostrich eggs (which, even though they'd sell by the truckload, would probably constitute too much of a health risk to be allowed in general circulation); rather, they are regular, hollow Easter eggs madeof regular, Cadbury's chocolate, with two Creme Eggs as extras. Sainsbury's is selling these Creme Egg Easter eggs "better than half price" at 95p each.

Hmm, so let me see... If I buy two normal Creme Eggs it will cost me 96p, but if I buy a better-than-half-price Creme Egg Easter egg I get two normal eggs plus an Easter egg and it's a penny less expensive? OH WOW!

This, children, is why arithmetic lessons are important.

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