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8:43pm on Wednesday, 24th February, 2010:

A Memorable Day


Ah, another Day, Another University

I went to Brunel today, as part of my being their new external examiner on the MA Games Design course. I gave a talk to the MA students that lasted about an hour, followed by a discussion about what Game Studies is that lasted another hour and could have gone on for an hour more.

I wish we had students like that at Essex... Well, actually we do have them, it's just we don't have enough of them. The fewer students you have, the more controversial a subject has to be before it fires them up.


Oh, that's not why the day was memorable, that's just why it was enjoyable. It was memorable because on the train home a big fat bloke in a pinstripe suit sat next to me, fell asleep, and without waking up treated everyone nearby to a series of loud, foul, heavy, meaty farts.

That's not the kind of journey you easily forget...

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