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9:22am on Wednesday, 23rd June, 2010:



The air conditioning in our car packed up, and because I have to drive to Bristol and back this weekend I figured I'd better get it fixed. Today was the only day the garage could do it, so today it is.

Today, as in the day England play Slovenia in their crucial World Cup group C match at 3pm.

The garage will take cars in from 7:30am to 9:30am, so I arrived at 8am to ensure I could ask to have my car finished with by noon. Unfortunately, although I could indeed ask to have my car finished with by noon, they turned me down: other people had been there queueing at 7:30 in order to make sure they would get their car back before noon. The best I could get was a promise it would be ready "soon after lunch". I guess I have to hope they don't wait until 3pm for lunch, then.

If I do get the car back in time to be sitting in front of my TV watching England taking on the mighty footballing machine that is Slovenia (population: one seventh that of London), I could still miss the start of the game. My younger daughter has her last GCSE exam today, which finishes at 3:15pm. The time of the bus she normally comes home on is 3:15pm. Chances are she's going to miss it, so I'll have to go pick her up. That'll be the first half gone, then.

Augh! And to cap it all, Capello is going to play Gerrard on the left. If he insists on playing 4-4-2, he should keep Gerrard central, drop Lampard and put Joe Cole on the left. Augh! Augh!

Oh well, at least he's not going to be playing Heskey. My complaint in QBlog must have got through to him in time...

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